New York State Unified Court System

  1. I will adhere to the rules governing Electronic Filing in the Uniform Rules for New York State Trial Courts and any protocols promulgated by participating courts.
  2. I am registering so as to be able to employ the NYSCEF live system in cases filed in the courts participating in the NYSCEF program.
  3. I understand that each use of my password for filing documents with NYSCEF constitutes my signature on the document being submitted for the purpose of meeting the requirements of Part 130 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator and all rules governing NYSCEF.
  4. I understand that every filing user must list an e-mail service address. Therefore, as a condition of registering as a filing user of NYSCEF and of receiving my user ID and password, I will provide an e-mail service address. This e-mail service address is the address at which service of interlocutory documents may be made through NYSCEF upon me or upon the parties I represent. If I need to modify my e-mail service address, I shall notify the Resource Center immediately.
  5. I understand that providing any false information in this application may result in a revocation of my authorized user status.
  6. I will protect and secure the confidentiality of my password. If I have reason to believe that my password has been compromised, I will notify the NYSCEF Resource Center immediately by e-mail at I also will inform the court and the Resource Center immediately of any change in my employment affiliation.
  7. This system and all data are the property of the New York State Unified Court System (UCS).
  8. Data may not be mined or sold, or used in any pay-for-use application.
  9. This site may not be accessed by any automated program ("bot") for the purpose of extracting data for any use.
  10. This site may not be directly linked to by any website.
  11. Unauthorized use or attempted unauthorized use of this system may subject you to appropriate disciplinary action and criminal or civil penalties.
  12. Because transcription or other errors may arise when compiling the information provided on this website, users should verify the accuracy of information by consulting original court records or sources. The Unified Court System is not responsible for consequential use of website errors.