New York State Unified Court System
Payment Services - Outside NYC Web Payment

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I pay my fines, fees and/or surcharges online?
    Yes. In most instances you can pay online by going to Outside NYC Web Payment and entering your docket number, name, and date of birth. You must pay all fines, fees and/or surcharges. Partial payments are not accepted using this website. If you were given the option to make partial payments, you must come to the court building to make a partial payment.
  2. What fines, fees and surcharges can I pay here?
    You can pay a fine, fee and/or surcharge for any case for which you pled guilty or were found guilty and were sentenced to pay a fine, fee and/or surcharge. The Court that sentenced you must be on the list of courts accepting web payments.
  3. What if I do not know my docket number?
    You can look up your docket number using the available WebCriminal Search options. If you cannot find your docket number, you may call the Court where your case was sentenced.
  4. My search is coming back as "Not eligible for online payment". What do I do?
    Please call the Court where your case was sentenced for clarification.
  5. Can I plead guilty on the website?
    No, online pleas are not permitted. You may contact the Court where your case is pending and find out if they allow pleas by mail on your charge.
  6. What happens if I fail to pay my fine, fee and surcharge on time?
    The Court may order a warrant of arrest or order a Civil Judgment against you if you fail to pay your fine, fee and/or surcharge on time. A Civil Judgement is a lien against your credit and may affect your ability to obtain a mortgage or other loan, credit card, cellphone, a lease, or even to rent a car.
    You are still able to make your payment here and your Civil Judgment will be satisfied.
  7. Do I need to pay my fines, fees and surcharges the same day?
    The Court provided you with a date that your payments are due at sentencing. You may pay at sentencing or pay on a date on or before the payment due date.
  8. Can I pay bail here?
    No. This site is only for the payment of fines, fees, and surcharges.
  9. Do I still have to return to court if I paid my fine?
    That depends on your sentence. If the only condition of your sentence was the payment of fines, fees and/or surcharges, you will not have to return to court. If you are also required to complete other conditions or requirements, such as community service or the completion of a program, you may still have to return to court to show proof of completion. Call your attorney for direction.