New York State Unified Court System
NYSCEF: Unrepresented Litigants

Stop E-filing

At any time after using the NYSCEF system you don't want to e-file anymore, you can stop by doing the following:
  1. Print the Stop E-filing form in the court you are filing in.
    Appellate Court
    Court of Claims
    Supreme Court
    Surrogate's Court
  2. Fill in your name, address and phone number. This address is where all future papers in the case will be mailed to you.
  3. Sign the form and make copies for yourself and the other side.
  4. Mail a copy of the form to all the parties in the case.
  5. File the form, and proof of service on all parties, with the Clerk of the Court.

After the form is served and filed, you can no longer deliver your papers over the internet with NYSCEF. You will have to serve hard copies of all future papers on the other side and deliver them to the court in person. In addition, all parties in the case have to serve you with hard copies of the papers.

If you want to keep e-filing in this case, but have a problem and need to file hard copy papers right away, read Filing Hard Copies.

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