New York State Unified Court System
NYSCEF: Unrepresented Litigants

Email Address

Things to know about the e-mail address that you use:
  • Use the email address that you want NYSCEF to send all emails to during the case.
  • Use an email address that you can check easily.
  • If the other side is also e-filing, NYSCEF will send the other side's papers to your email address. The emailed papers are the only copies of the other side's papers that you will get. The other side does not have to serve you with hard copies.
  • The other side will be able to see your email address in NYSCEF.
  • Tell NYSCEF if you change your email address by filing the Change of Contact Information Form.
  • Logged in users can give NYSCEF additional email addresses to get notices at more than one address by going to the My Account tab.