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Document Information

Before you upload your documents to NYSCEF, you should know:
  • The type of court papers you are e-filing. For example, NYSCEF wants to know if you are filing Motion or Order to Show Cause papers that ask the court for something in the case.
  • The names of the PDF/A documents you are filing, like, "Notice of Motion," or "Stipulation."
  • Whether your papers are Redacted Documents: This means whether you edited out your confidential personal information if it is required by the redaction rules.
  • Whether you are uploading Un-redacted Documents, which is only allowed in a few situations.
  • Whether your document contains a social security number that is not edited out. Note: In almost all cases, the law says that social security numbers should not be listed in court documents. See GBL §399-ddd.
  • The additional information needed to e-file: Motions, Exhibits and Judgments. Read the sections below that apply to you.
E-filing Motions
If you are making a motion to ask the court for something in your case, after you upload your PDF/A documents, you may be asked for the relief sought, the return date and whether the papers include a CPLR 2214(b) notice. Read Notice of Motion if you are not sure what this means. If you have not picked a court date in the Notice of Motion yet, read Making a Motion on CourtHelp.

E-filing Exhibits
An exhibit is a part of other court papers that helps prove what the papers say, like medical records to prove a claim for injuries, or a bill for services to prove money owed. Each exhibit must be filed as a separate PDF/A. If you are e-filing exhibits there is a box for Additional Document Information. Fill in a short description of what the exhibit is, like, Copy of Contract or Letter from Mr. Jones. You will also be asked to submit the exhibit number or letter.

E-filing Proposed Judgment
If you are filing a Proposed Judgment, NYSCEF will ask you for the type of judgment. NYSCEF wants to know whether your papers go to the County Clerk or the Judge on the case. NYSCEF wants to know if it is a judgment by confession or a judgment on default. If you are not sure what type of judgment you are uploading, read Judgment Types.

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