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Before you can e-file your court papers to start a case you must create an account on this website. You will be asked to submit your name, address and E-mail Address. After you submit the information, you will get an email back with your user name and password. You must change your password and then log-in to the e-filing system and start your case. You will be able to file your papers with the Court over the internet. But, you will not be able to deliver your papers that start a case to the other side over the internet. Visit CourtHelp to learn How Legal Papers are Delivered. You will have to e-file proof that you have delivered the papers to the other side. If the other side e-files a response you will then be able to deliver (serve) future papers over the internet. And the other side can deliver papers to you over the internet.

Create an Account
The account you create can be used for one case. If you want to e-file in another case, you will have to create another account. Before you create an account, make sure e-filing is allowed in your case by checking the e-filing Courts, Counties and Case Types. Also, make sure you have everything you need to e-file. Read E-filing Basics. Follow the link below to get started:

Create an Account to Start a New Case

NYSCEF has an e-filing training website for attorneys and unrepresented litigants. If you want to practice e-filing you must create a training site account.
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