New York State Unified Court System
NYSCEF: Unrepresented Litigants

After Documents are Uploaded

After you upload your documents and pay any filing fees:
  • You will need to check a Filing Acknowledgment box to make sure that you checked the right boxes about any Confidential Personal Information in the documents. You can't continue until you check this box.
  • You will see a button that says Confirmation Notice. The confirmation notice proves that NYSCEF got your papers. Print this for your records. NYSCEF will also send you an e-mail that says they got your papers.
  • If you are starting a new case, you also have to serve Notices of E-filing on the other side. You will see a button that says E-filing Notice. Click on the button and print the form and serve it with your papers.
After you e-file your papers, you may not be done. Read below to learn what else you may have to do for the court to consider your papers.

Service: Delivering Papers to the Other Side
In a new case, you have to serve hard copies of the papers on all the other parties in the case and the Notice of E-filing. In an existing case, NYSCEF will serve your papers on the other side by email and you don't have to serve them or submit an Affidavit of Service to the court. But, if there are any parties in the case who are not e-filing their papers, you must serve them with paper copies. See How Legal Papers are Delivered on CourtHelp for more information. NYSCEF will email you any papers that the other side e-files.

If you are not sure if a party is e-filing, check the NYSCEF confirmation email sent to you after you upload your documents. The bottom of the email lists the names of any parties that NYSCEF has no record of participating in e-filing. This list may include: unrepresented parties who don't have to e-file, some attorneys who do not have to e-file, and any parties that have not yet appeared in the case. You must serve hard copy papers on the non-participating parties listed in the email.

Paper Copies
The Judge assigned in your case may want hard paper copies in addition to the e-filed papers. If he or she does, you will see a notice telling you what to do next to this symbol:

Follow the instructions for submitting hard paper copies of your documents to the Court. The Confirmation Notice must be attached to the paper copies.

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